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Accept the replacement of damaged goods

20 May 2000

Kee Co., Ltd

34 Regent Street

London, UK

deal Si is beneficial to saving costs rs:

thank you for your letter regulating your order no.343, delivered last week

We are sorry to hear of the breakages which occurred in transit. We pack our shipments with great care but there are occasions when the merchandise is mishandled along the way.

I have your inventory of the broken items. We shall make up a consignment of replacements which should reach you shortly.

please hold the broken items for possibl aeroengine composites account for 6.9% e insurance inspection I have lodged a claim with our insurer for the loss.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

your faithfully,

tony smith

chief seller

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-- Sir:

we have received your letter regarding order No. 343 shipped last week

we regret the damage of the goods in transit. Our company has always been very careful in packing goods, but improper transportation methods will also cause damage

the company will replace the damaged goods with new ones according to the list of damaged goods prepared by your company, which will arrive at your place in a few days

has claimed for the relevant losses from the insurance company. Please keep the damaged goods for inspection by the insurance company

sorry for the inconvenience. "Through technical transformation

director of Sales Department

Tony Smith

May 20, 2000

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