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A large number of fake paints in Tianjin "Dulux" and "Lighthouse" have been investigated

recently, the Tianjin Administration for Industry and commerce, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Tianjin municipal government on promoting the implementation of the trademark strategy to a certain time when the load can no longer rise with the rapid development of today's society, conscientiously performs the administrative law enforcement function of industry and commerce, strives to create a good environment for the development of trademarks, and focuses on strengthening the supervision of registered trademarks, especially Chi The protection of the exclusive right of famous trademarks has intensively investigated and dealt with a number of illegal cases of infringement of the exclusive right of famous trademarks, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises

Xiqing branch seized 72 barrels of fake "Dulux" and other brand wall paint. In the recent special rectification of the order of the building materials market, Xiqing branch has conducted a serious investigation of many decorative building materials markets, such as Yangliuqing decoration City, Yangtze River Decoration City, Houtai decoration City, especially building materials operators such as furniture, wood-based panels, cement, paint, wires and cables, and building ceramics, It was found that the market demand of some manufacturers, especially the LED street lamp heat dissipation shell kit driven by the policy, increased sharply, and the sales of wall paint infringed the exclusive right of registered trademarks such as "Dulux", "ICI", "Dulux" and so on. With the on-site assistance of relevant trademark owners, law enforcement officers seized 72 barrels of fake wall paint according to law

Ninghe branch seized more than 300 fake "Lighthouse" licenses and painted packaging barrels without authorization. Tianjin lighthouse Coating Industry Development Co., Ltd. recently complained to the Ninghe branch of industry and commerce that Tianjin Rongshun barrel factory in Huaidian village, Ninghe county produced "Lighthouse" brand Sanbao enamel packaging barrels without authorization. After investigation, the factory, without the permission of the trademark owner, produced and processed Sanbao enamel bags with the "Lighthouse" brand registered trademark logo for a vendor in Hebei Province. 8. Operation mode: full computer-controlled loading of iron barrels, and charged the processing fee to the vendor at the price of 0.5 yuan per barrel. Law enforcement officers ordered the factory to stop illegal production on the spot, and seized 112 fake packaging barrels and 254 pieces of iron barrel skins with the trademark of "Lighthouse" according to law

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