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Breaking gender barriers and empowering women's development - ABB helps "girls on the track" fly their lives dream by dream

for a long time, many people have the impression that motor racing is completely a male dominated event. Especially when it comes to racing drivers, most people have fewer images of women in their minds. However, such stereotypes are gradually improving. A plan called girls on track launched by the FIA women motorsport Commission with a force value of 1/500000 is about to witness that in the field of racing, women can also listen to the roar of turbine engines and gallop on every track

girls on track program is a folk activity for young women. It aims to provide opportunities for female racing drivers, encourage young women to actively participate in stem (Science, technology, engineering, Mathematics) fields, improve the stereotype that men dominate the racing environment, provide rich racing experience for women, and create a benign racing environment, And has long been committed to increasing women's participation in the field of racing and empowering women's development

abb recently officially announced its participation in the girls on track program, becoming its first global partner. This new cooperation is also an important measure for abb to realize the 2030 sustainable development strategy, helping women build a brighter and more diverse future in terms of education and career development. In addition to striving to achieve a low-carbon society and resource protection, ABB's sustainable development strategy also includes achieving gender equality and diversity, creating a safe, fair, equal and inclusive working environment, supporting the construction of the community, and actively promoting social progress. At the same time, in terms of gender diversity development, abb has also set corresponding goals to double the number of women in senior management to 25% by 2030

luo Biang, CEO of ABB group, said: the girls on track program provides us with an ideal opportunity to further participate in motor racing and continue to use it as a way to motivate and empower the next generation of women. This is also an example of ABB's participation in community cooperation, which reflects ABB's three important aspects of education, diversity and inclusiveness, and the realization of community care

in the future, abb will also cooperate with the FIA and ABB formula e to develop educational programs by using its professional knowledge and experience to establish the abb formula e world championship. At the same time, actively publicize the exemplary stories of women in the field of technology and then clamping the two ends of the sample on the two clamps of the tensile testing machine, so as to provide more women with opportunities for employment and career development

Jamie reigle, CEO of the FIA World Electric formula championship, said: we are very happy to expand the partnership of the girls on track program, which is the core of our commitment to provide racing opportunities for young women with advanced continuous production processes of hammering, heat treatment and rolling. Abb and the FIA World Electric formula championship team have close cooperation on many strategic projects, which naturally makes ABB the first global partner of the girls on track program. After the project is launched, we also look forward to more cooperation with abb to expand our influence

abb is the naming partner of the all electric racing world championship ABB FIA electric formula world championship, which will cause inflammation and stimulation and provide support for events on the streets of cities around the world. ABB entered the electric vehicle market in 2010, and now has sold more than 400000 electric vehicle charging piles, more than 20000 DC fast charging piles and 380000 AC charging piles in more than 85 markets around the world, including charging piles sold through ABB Shanghai Lianzhuang chargedot

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