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Through the concept of supermarket format development, the packaging industry is an indispensable part of life. Supermarkets are an important part of commercial retail format. The operating procedures and operating precautions of supermarket mortar tensile testing machine are a kind of format. However, business in the 21st century is a big business era that advocates resource integration, advantage linkage and information sharing. In this era, the survival of the fittest, which has always prevailed, is still working. However, the combination between supermarkets, the blending of supermarkets and department stores, and the integration of supermarkets with other formats and other business areas will ultimately make simple supermarkets and simple department stores appear weak in the large market environment of domestic competition and internationalization. In the next few years, new blood will surely be added to the supermarket format, either the traditional format will be re integrated, or the distance between the magnet and the armature of the tooth embedded electromagnetic clutch is not suitable? Is it the marriage between the new idea and the old store

commodities are the most important part of supermarkets, and all commodities also have coats, which is what we call packaging. The commodities in supermarkets are packed in a mechanized way in advance according to a certain weight and specification, and are placed on the shelves respectively. The price is clearly marked. Customers can serve themselves and choose at will

in the lives of ordinary people in China and even the world, supermarkets have become an inaccessible part of people's lives. Supermarkets are extremely important for people to get what they need in life through them. We set our eyes on the supermarket. There are countless large and small commodities. There are things wrapped outside these commodities. From the supermarket, we can see that the prosperity and packaging of the printing and packaging industry have become indispensable to almost all small commodities

go into the supermarket and pick up large and small commodities. The words "green packaging" are printed on many packaging shells, especially on food packaging. Yes, only green and pollution-free packaging is what people like today. From the perspective of packaging and printing, green requires printing to be non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, and ink to be environmentally friendly

there is no doubt that there is competition and challenges in the supermarket industry, but more importantly, there is more room for development. Let's look at the packaging industry. With the prosperity of commodities, the pace of development will be faster and faster

according to relevant data, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly in recent years, from less than 1billion yuan in the early 1980s to 410billion yuan in 2005, second only to the United States and Japan, becoming the third largest packaging country in the world. At present, China's packaging industry is at a critical moment of transition and upgrading, and has experienced a development process from small to large. From the single packaging products in the early 1980s to the six major packaging categories now. In the next 20 years, we will build China into a world packaging power

more than 90% of the sales staff of the company have bachelor's degree or master's degree or above in this major

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