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Breaking the monopoly, XCMG pavers march towards high-speed pavement construction

breaking the monopoly, XCMG pavers march towards high-speed pavement construction

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since the first paver product was developed in the 1960s, China's paver industry has gone through more than 50 years of development, especially in recent years, as China's highway construction has advanced at an unprecedented scale and speed, As the main product of highway black pavement construction machinery in China, paver also shows a trend of rapid development. Although the domestic paver industry has formed the R & D and manufacturing capacity of a full range of paver products, the large-scale high-end asphalt paver Market, which dominates the domestic highway construction, has been monopolized by foreign brands for a long time. Today, this pattern is being overturned by XCMG...

the market is the only standard to test everything.

XCMG group, as a leading enterprise of China's construction machinery products, although the overall market share of paver products is firmly ranked first, the sense of breaking through the large-scale high-end paver Market and the sense of mission are becoming increasingly urgent. XCMG road closely focused on the requirements of "paver as the strategic product of the company and the pillar product of the pillar enterprise, we must further improve the height of development, and we must have a sense of urgency for the catching up and development of pavers, and we must pay close attention to the implementation", which was put forward by Chairman Wang min. relying on the accumulation of technology industry developed for decades, XCMG road has taken the step of large-scale high-end pavers to catch up with the world's advanced technology. Since 2009, XCMG has concentrated its advantageous resources and further increased its scientific research investment. After four years of painstaking technical breakthroughs, focusing on the breakthrough and improvement of core technology and manufacturing capacity, XCMG has finally solved the development problems of large-scale pavers and achieved a new breakthrough in large-scale high-end pavers. The market is the only standard to test everything. In the first half of 2014, XCMG's large-scale high-end paver Market made a major breakthrough, with sales increasing by 43% year-on-year, reversing the pattern of foreign brands' unified high-speed road construction. So far, XCMG's paver industry ranks first

work hard to solve the core problem of "cocoon breaking" with technology

forge ahead with insufficient knowledge. In 2009, based on a comprehensive review of the current development situation of the industry and a full investigation of the market, XCMG group benchmarked to catch up with the international advanced. With the goal of building a flagship product of the industry with high-tech content, high reliability and high cost performance, XCMG resolutely listed the research and development of M large-scale pavers as a major technological innovation project of the group for key development, and vigorously promoted the development and industrialization of 3 series of large-scale pavers

at that time, as the key core component of paver products, the screed was at a standstill before 2009, and there was a gap in performance and reliability between it and foreign products. The R & D team of XCMG paver takes the improvement of screed technology as a breakthrough, benchmarking analysis, finding out the gap, and based on the technology R & D platform of XCMG Research Institute, opens the school enterprise cooperation mode with Chang'an University, a well-known domestic university, to carry out research and Research on the key technologies of screed, which is the key to the development of information technology to knowledge economy technology, and develop telescopic screed technology with strong deformation resistance, This is also a difficulty compared with foreign products. The development process is difficult. Through a lot of CAE analysis, the R & D personnel found that in order to make XCMG's core technology of large pavers truly compete with the strength of foreign brands, XCMG's R & D team carried out performance and high-intensity strengthening experiments on the prototype in many places for more than half a year with an attitude of excellence, and finally achieved the complete success of the large-scale hydraulic telescopic screed, with low vibration, good dynamic stability and leading performance in China, The international pioneer Changchun will achieve 100% replacement of shopping bags and garbage bags made of bio based materials. At the same time, the research and development of the control system known as the "core brain and nerve" of the paver is also carried out. The research and development of the control system that can realize real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis, which is more reliable and more integrated than the traditional electronic control technology, is also getting better. Then, the technicians took advantage of the victory and successively completed the paver body, crawler beam, distribution box, boom, covering parts, distribution rod, frame, suspension, eccentric shaft, etc., which can shorten the charging time of the electric vehicle from 4 (6) hours to 15 (2) 0 minutes. The key parts are recycled and self-made, and the core technology and manufacturing capacity of the paver have been greatly improved, providing a strong guarantee for the reliability improvement of XCMG paver products and consolidating the momentum for product development. On the basis of breakthroughs in product core technology and manufacturing capacity, XCMG quickly developed "standard" series, high-end product "s" series and economic product "e" series. With 7 key technologies, 11 technological innovations and XCMG characteristics, XCMG has a new generation of 3 series of large-scale asphalt pavers. So far, XCMG's large-scale high-end pavers have formed a complete product family tree

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