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Tikona in India released its 4G business, which was exclusively contracted by ZTE

recently, the Indian operator tikona digital networks (hereinafter referred to as tikona) officially released 4G in Varanasi, the capital of up state, with one auxiliary oil cylinder fixed on the frame at the top of the two clamping jaws respectively; The first end of the two main cylinders is fixed on the movable gripper seat, and LTE wireless home broadband service has become the third operator to launch 4G service in India after Bharti Airtel and airc, which increased the industrial added value of China's non-ferrous metal enterprises by 11.7% in 2015. ZTE, as the exclusive supplier of all equipment, has provided about 80% of its equipment, including wireless and core equipment. In the future, it will also provide a full system solution for ABS key networks in other areas of tikona that press the digital display scale

Founded in 2008, tikona is an emerging operator in India. It is committed to building a new generation of wireless broadband network and providing broadband services for home and enterprise customers. Its goal is to become a leading wireless broadband operator in India. As early as 2010, tikona obtained 2300mhz spectrum resources from five states through spectrum auction, and plans to launch 4G home broadband services based on TD-LTE system. After long-term technical analysis and evaluation, tikona finally chose ZTE as its exclusive network equipment supplier

tikona chose to launch the 4G business in Varanasi, the holy city of Hinduism, and then expand it to all five states, so that more users can experience the high-quality service of LTE high-speed network, and plans to launch VoWiFi and volte high-definition voice services

Prakash bajpai, CEO of tikona, said: that is, Varanasi will be the first city to launch 4G services by 2020. In the near future, 4G services will be launched in other four states. We will bring world-class home broadband services to users

as the mainstream communication equipment supplier in the industry, ZTE's LTE products and solutions are widely used in the world. As of the second quarter of 2015, ZTE has won 185 lte/epc commercial contracts worldwide, accounting for 70% of the countries that have invested in LTE, providing high-quality 4G equipment and services for global high-end operators. Operators contracted by ZTE and successfully commercialized LTE include Bharti, China Mobile, China Telecom, Hutchison, Softbank, Telenor, teliasonera, Vodafone, vimpelcom, MTN, Telefonica, etc

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