Troubleshooting of the engine starting difficulty

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Troubleshooting of tractor engine starting difficulty

the starting device works normally, and the starting operation is carried out many times according to the correct steps and methods. The engine is difficult to start or cannot be started. The exhaust pipe does not smoke at all, or a small amount of smoke; Sometimes the exhaust pipe emits white smoke, or it only emits smoke at the beginning. If it does not smoke later, it can only confirm the wear rate of parts

(I) oil supply system fault

1. The diesel tank switch is not opened, and the diesel tank has no oil or the oil volume is too small

Troubleshooting: turn on the diesel tank switch, add enough diesel, and eliminate the air in the fuel pipeline

2. The vent hole of the diesel tank cap is blocked and it is difficult to supply oil

Troubleshooting: clean the oil tank cover and blow the vent hole

3. Low temperature, high viscosity of diesel oil and difficult flow

Troubleshooting: choose diesel oil that meets the working requirements

4. There are impurities in diesel oil or water icing, resulting in the switch, oil pipe and filter not supplying oil

Troubleshooting: loosen the bleeder screw on the filter, and there is no oil overflow, indicating that the oil circuit is blocked. Clean the diesel tank and filter. Blow through the switch and oil pipe, and replace the diesel

5. The low-pressure oil circuit is not tight, and air is sucked in

Troubleshooting: find out the position, and then drain the air in the oil circuit

6. The high-pressure oil pipe joint is not tight, the nut is loose, the contact surface between the oil outlet valve seat and the plunger sleeve is not tight, or the tight seat of the oil outlet valve is not tightened, which may also be the failure of the gasket after a long time of use

Troubleshooting: tighten all loose parts or replace washers

7. There is water in the diesel oil, causing the plunger coupling to bite, the plunger spring to break, and the plunger coupling to wear seriously

Troubleshooting: the plunger coupling is stuck and should be repaired, that is, it is suitable for the batch inspection, sorting or replacement of springs on the production line, and the diesel oil should be replaced at the same time. If the fuel injection pump does not pump oil, it means that the plunger is seized, or the spring is broken, then take the load with the maximum wear mark diameter of 4mm as the sintering point or the oil outlet valve is broken, and it should be cleaned or replaced in time

8. The oil outlet valve is blocked by impurities, the oil outlet valve spring is broken, and the oil outlet valve coupling is seriously worn

Troubleshooting: check the working condition of the fuel injection pump. If the start and end times of pump oil are unstable, it may be that the oil outlet valve is faulty and should be cleaned or replaced

9. The fuel injector coupling is seriously worn or seized, and the pressure regulating spring of the fuel injector is broken

Troubleshooting: it should be cleaned or replaced

10. The injection pressure is too high

Troubleshooting: readjust to the specified pressure

11. The oil supply time is wrong

Troubleshooting: check and adjust the oil supply advance angle

12. The timing gear is not installed correctly

Troubleshooting: readjust

the only international and professional exhibition platform for national automotive lightweight technology products in China (II) compression system failure

1, wrong valve clearance

Troubleshooting: readjust

2. Poor cylinder compression

Troubleshooting: grind the valve, check and adjust the valve clearance, and check the spring force of the valve spring. When the piston, piston ring and cylinder are worn, a small amount of engine oil can be added to start. If the piston ring sticks, matches or breaks, clean it or install it correctly or replace it with a new rotor pump

(III) intake system fault

air filter or intake pipe blockage

Troubleshooting: clean the air filter, replace or clean the filter element, and clean the blockage of the intake pipe

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