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Boost the development of artificial intelligence enterprises and improve the level of urban intelligence original title: boost the development of artificial intelligence enterprises and improve the level of urban intelligence information times (Cheng Xiaozhen intern Lai Xinyi) learned from the Guangzhou Bureau of science and technology adjustment spring amplitude and frequency on the 3rd that in order to accelerate the application of new technologies, new products and new models of artificial intelligence in Guangzhou, The implementation plan of major AI science and technology projects in Guangzhou (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as "opinions") will be open for comments from now on

in recent years, Guangzhou has strengthened the layout of key industries such as IAB industry (i.e. new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine). According to the Wuzhen index: Global AI development report (2016), many equipment using computer skills have not selected PC, and Guangzhou AI industry ranks fourth in the list of comprehensive influence

the opinion points out that the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has set up a "major special project for the demonstration of artificial intelligence application scenarios", which focuses on supporting Guangzhou's strong artificial intelligence legal entities to carry out application demonstrations in smart transportation, smart inspection, smart medical and mental health, smart elderly care, smart finance, smart education and other scenarios around industry, people's livelihood and social governance. Through application demonstration and promotion, we will create a number of artificial intelligence application demonstration scenes with strong national influence, good social response and good economic benefits, so as to improve the level of urban intelligence and citizens' perception

this special project plans to support 8 projects in education, medical treatment, transportation and other application scenarios, with a total support of 32 million yuan. Including UAV power inspection application demonstration, intelligent ground transportation demonstration area, intelligent rail transit application demonstration, etc. For example, the "intelligent pathological diagnosis and treatment application demonstration" requires the construction of major disease databases and intelligent medical systems to achieve disease risk prediction, polar, highly weathered areas, deserts have the functions of disease diagnosis, treatment scheme recommendation, medication recommendation, treatment scheme and guide standard compliance verification

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time: from today to April 10

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