Stable performance of the hottest PVC market

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Stable performance of PVC market

recently, the PVC market has shown a stable trend, which is mainly reflected in:

1. Before the May Day festival, domestic large PVC manufacturers have lowered the prices of the lower jaw to an appropriate level, and carried out large-scale promotional actions. However, their main sales targets are agents in various regions of China, resulting in the transfer of the inventory of production enterprises to the circulation field, In addition, in the near future, the manufacturer raised the lowest ex factory price of PVC by 50-100 yuan/ton to further encourage consumers to buy from agents to stabilize the market price

2. At present, the ex factory price of the enterprise is 5600-5800 yuan/ton, and the profit space is small. Some enterprises produced by calcium carbide method begin to suffer losses. Therefore, it is unlikely that the calibration zero point will be significantly reduced

3. Due to the serious weakness of the domestic PVC market, the price of imported resin continues to decline, which makes it easy for importers to lock in due to delayed shipment. It is expected that the import volume will decrease significantly from June, which will reduce the pressure on the domestic market. To sum up, the PVC market will be mainly stable in the short term, with a slight decline. The operation process will be completely dependent on the operator's operation level of 5600 yuan/ton at 5500

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