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Alien technology has added new varieties to squiggle series RFID tags

in order to enable users to smoothly transition from EPC Gen 1 to Gen 2 R, which is beneficial for users to master the use skills of instruments in time FID, alien technology recently announced that the varieties of squiggle series low-cost RFID tags, the company's flagship product, can be significantly expanded, including the new EPC class 1 Gen 2 and Gen 1 tag solutions, which can meet various new standards, It has multiple uses and new cost performance. Since all squiggle series labels of alien company have the same standard "squiggle" antenna, users can avoid a lot of re processing and inspection of various labels during the transition to Gen 2

keith McDonald, senior vice president of alien, said: "As the leading supplier of class 1 labels, protecting users' investment and meeting a large number of demands for electronic labels are the primary tasks for our company to become the first company in the troubled industry. By adding new varieties to squiggle series, users can make an economic and smooth transition to higher-level applications, such as using Gen 2 technical standards. All squiggle labels meet strict reliability requirements, and users can also choose the market Labels on most label suppliers maximize users' investment. No matter now or in the future, as long as we continue to use electronic labels, the company will continue to protect the interests of users. "

since the squiggle series labels of alien company were put into production in 2003, 50 million labels have been put on the market, occupying an absolute advantage in the class 1 label market. New varieties include high-performance Gen 1 label and two high-performance Gen 2 labels. The New Gen 1 label, all-9340, is an enhancement based on the basic antenna design to meet the needs of special occasions, such as the need to paste an electronic label on a product containing moisture and metal. All-93 manufacturers need to constantly strengthen their awareness of self-defense. 40 now it is on the market. It maintains the original all-9338 ultra-low price and multi-purpose features, making alien's Gen 1 squiggle series labels more powerful

alien's two New Gen 2 labels are all-9440 and all-9460 "Omni squiggle" labels. All-9440 is a substitute for all-9338. When all-9340 has the Gen 2 function, its cost performance ratio can be used as a reference price for Gen 2 labels. It is suitable for most items packed with Rockwell hardness counting. Even if the items in the packing box contain moisture and metal, it can be pasted. The new all-9460 maintains the position sensitive characteristics of the original squiggle antenna, and is especially suitable for the environment where it is difficult to paste and read labels. For the goods packed in boxes and plates, which are inconvenient to paste labels, all-9460 is the best choice. At present, all-9440 and all-9460 can only provide samples

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