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The stacking and calculation of cigarette packs packed with hemp slices this paper introduces several different stacking methods of cigarette packs packed with hemp slices: ① brick column cigarette stack: the advantages are good ventilation, intuitive, and no package hiding; The disadvantage is that the upper layer of tobacco bags is laborious and easy to be stacked. It is generally used for stacking tobacco bags with slightly higher moisture content of tobacco leaves; ② Step slit stack: it has the advantages of good ventilation, labor-saving and stable upper stack, but it is prone to deformation, "landslide" and package concealment. It is generally used for centralized stacking of large quantities of cigarettes; ③ Odd horizontal even T-shaped cigarette stack: it not only has all the advantages of step cross slit cigarette stack, but also has better stability, stronger practicability, and is not prone to deformation and "landslide", which is suitable for the centralized stacking of large quantities of cigarette packs; ④ Ridge stack is an auxiliary form of cigarette pack stacking outside the warehouse. The calculation method of the number of cigarette packs for different stacking modes is introduced

the packaging method of bottled beer is bundling packaging - the common specification is 10 bottles/bundle, all of which are made by hand. The degree of automation is low, and the packaging speed is slow. It is a very dangerous packaging method in the process of sales and transportation. Because of its low packaging cost, it is very popular in remote areas with underdeveloped economy. Based on the consideration of safety, the relevant government departments have officially issued an announcement to prohibit strapping packaging from listing, and announced that it will be fully implemented in 2003, which is an obsolete packaging method

plastic turnover box - the common specifications are 24 bottles/box and 12 bottles/box, which can be produced automatically, and the safety factor in the production and sales process is high. It can be recycled and reused with a long service cycle. The disadvantage is that the initial investment cost is large, which is not suitable for long-distance transportation, and the scope of use is limited. Now the oral and written guarantees we give here are generally applicable to sales transportation. The warehouse occupies a large area, and the cost of sales transportation is high

manual wrapping of carton packaging - the common specification is 12 bottles/box. The degree of automation is low and the speed is slow. The packing is still done manually. There are certain unsafe factors in the production process, and the initial equipment capital investment is small

machine Wrapping of carton packaging - the specification is the same as above, which can realize automatic production, with high speed, high safety factor and large initial investment cost.

advantages of carton packaging:

1. suitable for long-distance transportation. Relying on the good material characteristics of corrugated boxes, kraft paper liners and diaphragms, the cartons have a good cushioning effect, which can effectively alleviate the bottle damage of bottled beer during transportation. This protective effect is unmatched by other packaging forms

2. the combination of sales and transportation packaging, and the full color printed cartons enable beer to be sold directly on the shelves, and play a certain role in promoting the product brand during transportation, improving the product grade

3. it plays a leading role in the form of packaging, especially in large beer enterprises, which accounts for the largest proportion. Suppliers of equipment, cartons and other raw and auxiliary materials have been basically in place to form a scale. It is expected that the pattern of carton packaging as the main form and other forms as the auxiliary form will not change in the short term

carton packaging defects:

1. high cost

2. unable to recycle

3. easy to deform after moisture

4. others simply don't see the products that the company used low-cost degradable technology in the production of express bags in early 2016

5. the storage area of packaging materials is large. Plastic film wrapping - it can be divided into four forms: semi supported transparent film wrapping, semi supported color printing film wrapping, flat paper supported transparent film wrapping and flat paper supported color printing film wrapping. The conventional grids are 12 bottles/bag and 9 bottles/bag. This packaging method is produced by automatic machines, which is more safe and reliable in the sales process, and the cost of this packaging method is relatively low

advantages of plastic film wrapping:

1. Low cost: even if color printing film is used, its packaging cost is only half of that of carton; The storage cost of packaging materials is greatly reduced, because the main packaging materials become film rolls with little land occupation; The cost of hot melt adhesive required for carton packaging and the maintenance of hot melt adhesive device are saved; The price of plastic film wrapping machine with the same speed is much lower than that of carton wrapping machine

2. Good market presentation: the competition in today's beer industry is brand competition, and the brand of beer plays an increasingly important role in marketing. The method of wrapping with plastic film enables customers to quickly identify a certain brand of beer from the external packaging of many beers on the shelves of shopping malls. Moreover, compared with the color printing carton, the color printing film has more vivid product packaging, so it has better market display

3. Compared with carton packaging, it is not easy to be damaged by moisture

defects of plastic film wrapping:

1. It is a new packaging method, and it still needs time to win the recognition of the market and beer enterprises

2. It is still slightly inferior to the carton in terms of shockproof and impact resistance. Tsingtao Beer Group (production department):

at present, Tsingtao Beer's outer packaging is mainly divided into three forms: Cartons, plastic turnover boxes and fresh-keeping barrels. Basically speaking, the packaging form of fresh-keeping barrels accounts for 5-6% of the total???? For local sales. Plastic turnover boxes are only limited to remote areas in Shandong Province, accounting for about 10% ~ 15%. However, due to the rapid growth of bottled beer consumption in rural areas in recent years, this proportion is increasing year by year. Most of the sales outside the province (including national and export products) use carton packaging, which accounts for the largest share in the total production. The good anti-seismic and anti puncture performance of corrugated cartons is very suitable for the long-distance transportation of Tsingtao beer products. The existing equipment has realized the automation of paper box stacking and packing, and its packaging speed can meet the large-scale and high-speed daily production of enterprises. When it comes to the use of the newly emerging form of heat shrinkable film packaging, Tsingtao Beer said that it is still in the experimental stage. Through the trial of some products from the beginning to the end of breaking, it believes that the advantage of this form of packaging is that the cost is low. Taking 12 bottles of 640ml bottled beer as a unit, the heat shrinkable film packaging will be about 0.3 yuan cheaper than the carton packaging. In addition, the initial investment in this packaging form of equipment is not large. The purchase of equipment with a price of 200000 ~ 300000 yuan can basically meet the requirements of enterprises for mechanical performance and speed. The packed beer has a compact bottle body, which changes from 6 to 12 individual bottles to a unified whole, preventing the bottle body from cracking due to collision and shaking between the bottles. In the next few years, heat shrinkable film packaging will be tried on a small number of products. It is unlikely that all cartons will be replaced, mainly because the original carton packaging equipment will be replaced at one time, and the investment is too large. This will be a gradual replacement process. It can be said that the heat shrinkable film packaging form of bottled beer is very worthy of promotion and will be a development trend in the future

Zhujiang Beer Group (Technology Department):

heat shrinkable film packaging is also used in Zhujiang Beer Group. It is mainly used for stacking and assembling unfilled empty beer bottles and cans. The bottled beer after filling is basically packaged in cartons and plastic turnover boxes. For this new packaging form, in terms of market, Zhujiang Beer needs to make further investigation on consumers' recognition and acceptance. In terms of storage and transportation, there are still some technical issues to be further discussed. And after the introduction of the new national standard on beer packaging, enterprises still have some details to carefully understand. Therefore, at present, Zhujiang Beer still adopts the traditional method in the outer packaging, and the use of heat shrinkable film as the outer packaging of bottled beer will not be considered for the time being. New member of beer packaging equipment - plastic film wrapping machine

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