Stamping mechanism of the most popular gravure pri

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The utility model discloses an imprinting mechanism of a gravure printing machine, which is mainly characterized in that the imprinting mechanism is a straight sliding type, the body of the imprinting mechanism is provided with a cylinder (6), the cylinder (6) is installed on the cylinder seat shaft (7), the cylinder seat shaft (7) is arranged on the wall plate (1) of the body, the piston rod in the cylinder (6) is connected with the fork frame (5), and the wall plate (1) is provided with a pressure strip (12), The pressing strip (12) is provided with a straight sliding seat (13), the straight sliding seat (13) is economically improved to be connected with the fork frame (5) through a transverse pin (4), the imprinting roller frame (8) is connected with the straight sliding seat (13), and the straight sliding seat (13) can be moved up and down in the pressing strip (12). The utility model adopts a cylinder through 7 There are internal and external circulation precise matching straight slides to drive the imprint roll support to move up and down in a straight line. The stamping force at both ends is controlled by the cylinder regulating valve. I believe that the recycling of low-density plastic film will become the mainstream system for the treatment of waste plastics. In this way, regardless of the change of the printing roller within the specified size range, the center line of the printing roller and the printing roller should also be heated by double-sided heating or far-infrared heating, and finally perpendicular to the same bus, so that the stamping force will not be affected, so as to make the printing more beautiful

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