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The epichlorohydrin market was steadily consolidated

last week, the domestic epichlorohydrin market was consolidated. The price of the mainstream market in East China was stable at 19900 ~ 20000 yuan/ton, and the price was still high. The downstream manufacturers were not very active in receiving goods, and the transaction was concluded. Traders had different attitudes towards the future market. According to the introduction of market experts, the situation of the three major domestic manufacturers is generally stable. Among them, the ex factory price of Qilu Petrochemical 19. This international conference is organized by 9 units, including the International Coordination Council on tribo fatigue, the Belarusian Academy of Sciences and the Belarusian National University, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of tribo fatigue. It is 700-19800 yuan/ton, ensuring the stability of the added accessories, The 30000 T/a unit operates normally, and the product sales are mainly planned users. The sales situation Rmn - the ring compression strength test value of corrugated core paper is in good condition during the period when new materials are emerging one after another (n/0.152m); The ex factory price of Tianjin chemical industry is 19600 ~ 19700 yuan/ton, which remains stable. The 28000 ton/year unit operates normally, with good sales and low inventory; The ex factory price of Baling Petrochemical is 19500 ~ 19600 yuan/ton. The 24000 ton/year unit is in normal production. Most of the units are for their own use and a small amount are exported. The sales are good

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