Standard for identification of the hottest cigaret

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This part of the standard for cigarette package identification

1 scope

gb5606 specifies the requirements, test methods and inspection rules for cigarette package identification

this part is applicable to cigarettes

normative references the provisions in the following documents become provisions of this standard through reference in this part. For dated reference documents, all subsequent amendments (excluding Corrigendum) or revised versions are not applicable to this part. However, parties to agreements based on this part are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents can be used. For undated references, the latest edition is applicable to this part

product quality law of the people's Republic of China

trademark law of the people's Republic of China

tobacco monopoly law of the people's Republic of China

gb/t5606.1 cigarette sampling

gb12904 commodity bar code

definitions the following terms and definitions are applicable to this part

3.1 packet

if the force measuring system is not calibrated and adjusted, it is likely to cause errors in the test results. It can be loaded with several (usually 20) cigarettes, which are divided into soft box, hard box and other three types

3 keep stable in air or nitrogen at 400 ℃ The minimum packaging unit of 2 carton

cigarette boxes. Among them, several boxes (usually 10 boxes) of cigarettes can be packed. The hard package is called strip box, and the soft package is called strip package

case is the smallest packaging unit of cigarette strips. It can be loaded with several (usually 50) cigarettes

warnings "smoking is harmful to health" and other warnings issued by the government

3.5 package mark

refers to the general designation of various marks on the package used to identify the product and its quality, quantity, characteristics, characteristics and use methods. Product identification can be expressed in words, symbols, numbers, patterns and other forms

requirements 4.1 General conditions

4.1.1 the cigarette trademark shall comply with the provisions of the Trademark Law of the people's Republic of China. The Chinese characters used in the packaging logo shall comply with the requirements that the friction coefficient coated on the screw surface shall be stable and conform to the requirements of standard Chinese characters. All kinds of logos shall be clear, firm and easy to identify. Chinese pinyin or foreign languages can be used when Chinese characters are used

4.1.2 the cigarette package shall be marked with the name of the province (city) and the name of the enterprise or the name of the enterprise directly. The name of the production enterprise shall be the name of the production enterprise registered according to law and able to undertake the product quality

4.1.3 for enterprises that cooperate with each other in accordance with the contract or agreement, but operate independently of each other, the name of the enterprise that owns the trademark ownership of the cigarette product and the product manufacturer shall be indicated on the package of the cigarette product jointly produced by them

4.1.4 the font height of Chinese characters, letters and numbers used for product identification shall not be 1.8mm

4.1.5 products with nationally recognized quality marks can be marked with quality marks within the period of validity

4.1.6 words such as "health care", "curative effect", "safety", "environmental protection", "light taste" and "soft" and descriptions of the efficacy of cigarette ingredients shall not be used on the cigarette package and in the attached instructions

4.1.7 the commodity bar code that meets the requirements of GB12904 and/or the National Tobacco authority shall be able to read accurately

4.2 box

the following contents shall be clearly indicated on the box

4.2.1 number of cigarettes, in pieces

4.2.2 box specification, marked as (long × wide × Height) mm or length mm × Width mm × Height mm

4.2.3 cigarette brand, name of trademark ownership enterprise and production enterprise, address of production enterprise, cigarette specification, production date, price category and commodity bar code

4.2.4 safety signs for commodity storage and transportation conforming to national regulations

4.2.5 number of executive standard and production license

4.3, box

and box shall be marked with the following contents

4.3.1 trademarks and registration marks. The transparent paper bag can not print the main logo

4.3.2 the names of trademark ownership enterprises and production enterprises that comply with the provisions of 4.1.2 and 4.1.3

4.3.3 cigarette quantity (piece), bar code and production date

4.3.4 tar content, expressed as xxmg or xMg; Nicotine content of flue gas, expressed in G; Amount of carbon monoxide in flue gas, expressed as xxmg or xMg; The marks shall be clearly contrasted with the background color, and the font height shall not be less than 2.0mm

4.3.5 the government issued aphorisms or warning patterns and signs shall be used. The font height of Chinese aphorisms shall not be less than 2.0mm

5 test method

5.1 take laboratory samples according to gb/t5606.1 and prepare

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