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From tomorrow on, these new rules will affect your life

original title: from tomorrow on, these new rules will affect your life

the weather is getting colder and winter is approaching. From tomorrow, another batch of new regulations will be formally implemented: import tariffs on some commodities will be reduced; New drugs added to the national essential drugs catalogue; The new national standard has been implemented for the plastic runway...

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reduce import tariffs on some commodities the Tariff Commission of the State Council issued an announcement that since November 1, the MFN tariff rate on some commodities has been reduced, involving 1585 tax items, with the average tax rate reduced from 10.5% to 7.8%, involving textiles, mechanical and electrical equipment and parts

The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice to increase the export tax rebate rate of some products to 16% and that of lubricants and some metal products to 13% from November 1

the reform of "separation of certificates and licenses" has been promoted nationwide. The State Council issued a notice, stipulating that since November 10, the first batch of 106 enterprise related administrative approval items nationwide will be implemented as of November 1 in accordance with the requirements of directly canceling the approval, changing the approval to filing, and implementing the new drugs in the national essential drugs catalogue (2018 Edition). The new catalogue has increased the number of varieties from 520 to 685, including 417 Western medicines and 268 Chinese patent medicines (including ethnic medicines)

establishment of negative list for clinical application of medical technology

the measures for the administration of clinical application of medical technology came into effect on November 1. It is proposed to establish a list management system for negative automotive materials for clinical application of medical technology, which will still be based on steel, implement negative list management for medical Technologies Prohibited from clinical application, and focus on the management of some medical technologies that need strict supervision

the first mandatory standard in the water purification industry began to be implemented

the national standard of water efficiency limit value and water efficiency grade of reverse osmosis water purifier issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standards Commission began to be implemented on November 1. According to the standard, reverse osmosis water purifiers with a water purification rate of less than 35% are not qualified products

the new national standard of plastic track has been implemented.

the new national standard of synthetic material surface sports ground for primary and secondary schools has been implemented since November 1. It is forbidden to use coal tar asphalt as the site foundation material; Added the limit requirements for harmful substances, odor requirements and test methods in the finished products and raw materials of the synthetic material surface sports field

public security organs can remotely detect network security vulnerabilities

from November 1, the provisions on supervision and inspection of public security organs' Internet security came into force. Public security organs can enter business places, computer rooms and workplaces for supervision and inspection; Remote detection can be carried out for whether there are network security vulnerabilities in Internet service providers and associated users

Beijing: electric bicycles can only be put on the road after being listed.

the regulations of Beijing Municipality on the administration of non motor vehicles and the provisions of Beijing Municipality on the registration of electric bicycles will be implemented on November 1. According to the regulations, electric bicycles can only be driven on the roads in the city after being registered and obtaining the driving license and number plate of electric bicycles. 2018 includes steel structure mechanical property testing (tensile, zigzag, impact, hardness), steel structure fastener mechanical property testing (anti slip coefficient, axial force), steel structure metallographic testing analysis (microstructure analysis, microhardness test), steel structure chemical composition analysis, steel structure nondestructive testing, steel structure stress testing and monitoring, coating testing The integration of complete sets of detection technologies such as salt spray test is called steel structure detection technology. Electric bicycles purchased before November 1, 2019 shall be registered before April 30, 2019

Tianjin: elevators in public gathering places should be equipped with monitoring

Tianjin special equipment safety regulations will come into force on November 1. According to the regulations, as an integral part, elevators in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, stations, shopping malls and other public gathering places shall be equipped with video monitoring facilities to ensure their normal operation. Violators may be fined not less than 2000 yuan but not more than 10000 yuan

Shandong: primary and secondary schools should offer health education courses. The regulations of Shandong Province on promoting students' physical health came into force on November 1. According to the regulations, schools should ensure that students' campus sports activities are not less than one hour a day during their school days through morning exercises, physical education classes and extracurricular sports activities; Primary and secondary schools shall offer health education courses and actively carry out health education on disease prevention, scientific nutrition, health and safety, drug control and smoking refusal

Heilongjiang: tourism management must clearly mark the price

the rules of conduct for tourism prices in Heilongjiang Province (for Trial Implementation) will come into force on November 1. The rules stipulate that tourism operators should strictly implement the system of clearly marked prices; In principle, the scenic spots constructed with public resources shall not set Park in park tickets, and the "one ticket system" shall be implemented; The increase in ticket prices of scenic spots shall be announced six months in advance according to law; Frequent ticket price increases in the scenic spot will be interviewed

Henan: detailed protection of the rights and interests of female employees

special provisions on labor protection of female employees in Henan Province shall come into force on November 1. The regulations specify the rights and interests of female employees such as marriage, pregnancy and physiological period protection, and make it clear that employers shall not reduce the wages and benefits of female employees and unilaterally terminate the labor (employment) contract due to their marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, breast-feeding and other reasons; At the request of the employer, the employer shall give female employees who are in menstruation one to two days' rest

Jiangxi: UAVs are forbidden at 500m on both sides of the high-speed railway. The safety management regulations of Jiangxi Province on high speed railway came into force on November 1. The regulations specify that kite, balloon, Kongming lamp, UAV and other low-altitude floating objects are not allowed to fly within 500m on both sides of the power supply line of the high-speed railway

Guangdong: 12 departments including Guangdong Provincial Department of Education issued the implementation opinions on promoting research and learning travel for primary and middle school students, which will be implemented from November 1. The opinions put forward that research travel should be included in the school education and teaching plan to ensure that each primary and secondary school student can participate in effective research travel in each school section. The travel time for research and study is usually arranged in the fourth to sixth grade of primary school, the first to second grade of junior high school and the first to second grade of senior high school in order to reduce the production cost of some manufacturers

Tibet: free admission for state-owned scenic spots above 3a

according to the deployment of the people's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region, from November 1, 2018 to March 15, 2019, except for Temple scenic spots, all state-owned scenic spots above 3A (including 3a) are free to visit in Tibet, and gate tickets for state-owned scenic spots below 3a and non-state-owned scenic spots below 3a are halved on the basis of off-season prices

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