How strong must a woman be to look effortless

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After the girls' day on March 7 and women's day on March 8,

two days of sales promotion war, advertising war, microblogging, circle of friends...

the word "women's rights" has been properly pushed to the forefront

this society does have prejudice against women,

many of us have seen, experienced and even become accustomed to it

"driving such a good car at such a young age must be taken care of."

"changing new clothes and bags every day is too bad for the family. You know how to spend men's money."

"it must be the fox spirit who seduced my husband first."

"I deserve to be sexually harassed for wearing so little!"

transparent ceiling in the workplace "you can see a beautiful vision through the glass on this side, but it is always difficult to reach." It is found that women with marriage or pregnancy plans, no matter how strong their ability, will not be admitted in the interview. Younger married female colleagues are easily suspected of having a second child. After becoming a senior executive, women are either accused of not caring for their families, or they are talked about having men behind them

in the family, if the man wants a boy, the woman is born a girl, and the man will blame the woman's stomach for her lack of ambition. When men cheat, women are also accused of their aging and failing to keep men, and are persuaded to be tolerant; If the woman cheated, most men would divorce directly. (it can be seen from the two different results of the Ma Rong incident and the Chen Sicheng incident)

If a couple has been married for many years without children, it is found that the woman is infertile, and most of the couple end up in divorce; If the man is infertile, the most you can do is to raise a child...

maybe these social prejudices are not formed at once

and it is difficult to change them immediately

the physiological and psychological differences between men and women are also true

but breaking the gender prejudice

can start from cognition

knowing the difficulties of women, understanding her and giving respect

Bing Xin once said, "If there are no women in the world, the world will lose at least five tenths of 'truth', six tenths of 'goodness' and seven tenths of' beauty '."

mother, wife, best friend

every woman deserves to be loved

it is not only women's day and mother's day that deserve to be mentioned and respected.

give her more love and warmth every moment,

from the little things around her,

from improving her living environment,

from being willing to pay for her

from warming the ground




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