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Decoration quotation has always been a matter that must be implemented when planning decoration, and has also become one of the focuses of most owners. Knowing the budget in advance is the premise of all decoration projects. However, with the emergence of more and more decoration companies, the quotation market began to appear chaotic, and sometimes there are many loopholes in the quotation budget. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will share with you the quotation of the 141 square meter decoration of Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo to see what the current decoration market is like in Wuhan

[Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo housing information]

housing area: 141 square meters; House structure: four bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms; Decoration method: half package; Decoration style: Modern and simple; (Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo community group decoration activity)

[Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo decoration quotation]

Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo is located next to the sports center of Tazi Lake in Jiang'an District. Its geographical location is relatively superior. Good house type and high-quality surrounding facilities make Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo a hot community

quotation analysis: the total quotation for a half package of 141 square meters is about 35000, which can be said to be a cost-effective decoration. Then you may have questions: is the quality of such a cheap quotation not very good? Let's analyze each item in detail. Needless to say, hydropower projects, as basic projects, have strict requirements on construction technology and quality. The reason for the low cost of the guest restaurant is that the owner is a young couple. Generally, he will run to the parents' homes of both sides after a rest. Therefore, it is good to require modernization and simplicity for the guest restaurant, and there is no need for too complex design. The quotation of the master bedroom and the second bedroom is relatively average. Because young people don't like playing with cabinets and want to buy them in the mall, the project of playing with cabinets is also omitted

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