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The delicacy of the small-size antique brick of Guanzhu and the effect brought by the small-size paving make the space atmosphere natural and personalized, and get rid of the decorative effect of a single large-size glazed brick

ceramic tiles are one of the indispensable decoration materials in our home decoration, among which small-size antique bricks are particularly favored by foreign consumers. In China, most consumers prefer luxurious decoration style in the past, so they generally pursue large-scale tiles with ordinary atmosphere

however, with people's aesthetic fatigue of large-size tiles, this consumption concept is slowly changing, and small-size tiles are slowly becoming a trend with their unique advantages. Small size ceramic tiles do have the extraordinary charm of "seeing the big from the small". Not only the price is not high, but also more paving methods and combinations such as oblique paving can be used to create a personalized and changeable decorative effect, especially for the decoration of small houses and small spaces

the delicacy of the small-size antique bricks with crown beads and the effect brought by the small-size paving make the space atmosphere natural and personalized, and get rid of the single decorative effect of large-size glazed bricks

the small-sized antique bricks with crown beads have concave and convex traces that look like pure handmade, with vicissitudes and holes after the passage of time and the weathered edge of the baptism of time. They are rich in color and mellow, emitting a strong flavor of antiquity. The ingenious accessory design and flexible space application all bring a strong flavor of life

the small-sized antique brick with crown beads integrates European style design elements into Chinese elements, selects Italian original design, imported glaze and fine carving mold, and adopts the superposition process of "shallow mold + roller + inkjet + protective glaze", so that the glaze texture is more thick; The colors and textures are richer, clearer and more expressive

crown bead small-size antique brick is a classic small-size brick carved by new Pearl ceramics for 21 years; Using high-definition in-max inkjet printing technology, the lines are clear and natural, the protective glaze is evenly distributed, and each brick is different; It adopts high-end imported glazes from Italy, Spain and other countries, with thick color and delicate hand feel. Each brick has the artistic characteristics of hand-made bricks, with the calmness and natural spirituality of works of art, bringing a retro and natural leisure space feeling. What brick is the best for the balcony? There is no doubt that Guanzhu small size antique bricks are your best choice





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