127 flat two bedroom fashion Nordic style mix and

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A friend said that the whole room looked cold, without the warmth of home. In fact, the landlord uploaded two different groups of photos. One group was taken at night, and the whole room seemed lifeless due to camera lighting and other reasons

it may be incredible for most people to put TV in a secondary position, but I always think this TV is really necessary or not

in this way, it's really a little gray ~ ~

the living room space is not large, but it's warm enough, hehe, although most of them are cold colors. From this perspective, the restaurant seems to be a little smaller

the most satisfying part of the master bedroom is the bedside wallpaper! Friends said it was good after reading it! There are also two bedside chandeliers, which are also our favorite part

the bathroom of the main bathroom is also the style that the landlord likes very much! Matte brown wall and floor tiles are a hit




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