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The most innovative promotion method in the aluminum alloy door and window industry is the birth of the brand alliance. However, after years of development, the gimmick of the door and window brand alliance has also been a little bit spoiled. Many alliance brands in the promotion look similar. Brands participating in the alliance generally participate in active alliances in other different periods, which has reached their own propaganda intention and grabbed the market share of doors and windows. Therefore, Consumers also seem to have aesthetic fatigue about the door and window brand alliance

the door and window brand alliance will certainly bring benefits to the participating door and window manufacturers in the short term, but its negative impact may also be long-term, and this impact may form a potential crisis in aluminum alloy door and window shopping malls. That is, the brand alliance will completely change the spending outlook of door and window consumers, and will only pay attention to the quotation of doors and windows, ignoring other factors

many insiders of aluminum alloy doors and windows have expressed their worries about the future of the door and window brand alliance, "In the long run, the door and window brand alliance can not guide consumers to spend rationally on the central competitiveness of door and window products. Instead, it has become a forced order practice of just in need consumers. In the alliance activities, door and window manufacturers may sign many orders, but usually invest a lot of human and material resources. After all, they only receive the benefits from the activities, but in normal times, there are only a few customer flows and orders. What is more important is what happens in the activities Orders are usually explosive, requiring a lot of information and customers to be processed in a short time, and the quality of after-sales service is usually much lower. Therefore, subsequent chargebacks will account for a large part of the total order volume, which will further discount the role of practical harvest




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