The creation of a federal Europe is a fools errand

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The creation of a federal Europe is a fool's errand - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

There’s a news website that frequently crops up on my social media feeds that takes the concept of Europhile to heights hitherto unexplored. You may have seen a picture from several years ago of websites anthropomorphised as people – Google as a stern professor; Twitter as a brash, annoying child; Wikipedia as a stereotypical nerd; and Facebook as a try-hard cool kid. If the website in question were added to the depictions justifications fo, it would be the most abrasive of varsity cheerleadersStates such as South Dakota and Florida, suitably ethnically vague and clad in Brussels-approved blue and goldThe handling o.

I won’t name the site: after all, for all of your Euro-centric news, you’re already looking at the right pages. Yet one social media post (of which they seem to have a preference over articles) from this week did get my attention, in which they wrote ‘A European Federation would create a colossus of democracy and civil rights that would lead the world to a global federation’Tracking progress o.?

I’m not entirely convinced of that; historic cases of Europe trying to tell the rest of the world what to do are still causing geopolitical headaches, and though it’s not fashionable to say so, the fact remains that socio-cultural differences are a significant barrier for political union. Europhiles should also look to their own borders before dreaming of a ‘global federation’The per capita model to continue. Give.

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